unexpected fees and commissions.


• A big perk of selling a property to a real estate investor is that they will buy the house “as is.” If the house is bought in “as-is” condition, you won’t have to do any repairs by yourself. This is particularly attractive in an inherited

home situation where it has been decades since substantial updating, remodeling, or repairs and maintenance have been done.

• The investor is much more likely to buy a house that needs major repairs than the average buyer. The usual buyer wants to move into the house and begin living in it as soon as possible. The investor wants to give it a makeover and sell it for a profit. There are times the investor won’t even have to see the house because he intends on flipping it, so the deal can be made very efficiently. • Another benefit to selling to an investor is a more dependable and quicker closing. This is counter-balanced by the fact that the deal can fall apart if the buyer suddenly runs out of money. When the buyer backs out of the agreement, the seller can be left with nothing except for the house that he already wanted to get rid of. Many months can be wasted while you have maintained insurance, taxes, and mortgage. A cash closing will prevent this from happening. By selling the house “as-is”, you will be able to leave all the unwanted stuff in the house. Everything you don’t want in your new home can be left in the old one, and the investor will buy the whole package. 48

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