and they may not even know why. Replace a worn or loose entry handset. Consider replacing the door handle with a heavy-duty deadbolt and knob combination. This investment of less than $100 will make your home more visibly secure—and everyone wants to be secure in their home. Improve the front door’s hardware. Use metal polish on the fixtures of the doors, on the knob, and for all metal components on it. The buyer may not stick with your style, but this will help to give a more home-like feel to the house and ensure that they can properly envision living there. Replacing outdoor light fixtures is also important when it comes time to sell. Update outdated light fixtures, as those accessories reflect on the exterior of your home. Buyers want to see that everything is fresh and up-to-date with the times, and not deal with light fixtures that look like they’ve been around since the 1980s. You can and should look for fixtures that match whatever mounting system you currently have installed on the exterior of your home, though, so it will only be a replacement job instead of a completely new installation. Bring in more outdoor light, especially if your home is away from streetlights or appears too dark at night. This helps make a huge impact when it comes to curb appeal, and provides a better sense of security. Solar stake lights are inexpensive and available from home improvement stores. Lighting the exterior of your vacant house is wise as a genuine security improvement just as much as it is good for the feeling of security: there is less chance that someone is going to want to break into a home with a well-lit exterior.


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