the sale. Zillow lays out the following list of expenses:

• Real estate commission, if you use an agency to sell. • Advertising costs, signs, other fees, if you plan to sell by owner. • Pre inspections, Escrow/Title and other professional fees. • County Transfer Tax / Excise/Gains tax for the sale, if applicable. • Prorated costs for your share of annual expenses, such as property taxes, homeowner association fees, and utilities. • Any other fees sometimes paid by the seller (appraisals, inspections, buyer’s closing costs, etc.).

Not Thoroughly Completing Seller Disclosures

Your Realtor will give you guidelines on completing Seller Disclosures. These required forms give you the opportunity to tell what you know about the property. Updates/improvements that were done, whether there are issues with the home (such as leaks, cracks, non-working appliances, etc.)

Forgetting to Cancel/Switch Utilities and Insurance

Many sellers overlook notifying utilities that they are moving or applying for utility service at their new home. Call the utilities and your insurance company as soon as a you are ready to sign your closing papers and have a final date. Find out how many days’ lead time they need to switch or cancel, then get back with them when you have a firm closing date.

Letting Emotions Take Over

Keep calm throughout the selling process, especially during and after a house inspection. Be practical and presume that issues will arise. It’s not uncommon to have to pay for some repairs. Don’t let 65

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