I know I’m being selfish, but I think you would be happier, as well. You wouldn’t spend three hours cleaning the house whenever a buyer wants to see it. Remember the buyer who told you they were going to come at noon and then didn’t show up? That was so ridiculous. It breaks my doggy heart to see you struggle to sell this house. I think it’s time to try something different.

• • •

I think your dog might be onto something. This home-selling strategy enables you to sell your home for more money with fewer showings. Here’s a quick overview of another case when it worked. Jane had her home on the market for 18 months. She hired two agents, and neither could sell it. Then, she hired a new agent who tried a new marketing strategy. They “presold” potential buyers on the home before they even saw it. The home sold 65 days after Jane hired the new agent. The buyers saw the ad and bought the home the same day. They were ready to buy as soon as they saw the ad for the home. These buyers were tough negotiators. They had worked their way up from nothing and owned a thriving business with more than 30 employees. Even though they were tough negotiators, they really wanted Jane’s house.

The home sold for a record high. The final sales price was $57,500


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