It isn’t uncommon to get to a place where you’re desperate to get this selling business over with, and yet, there are no takers. Give your prospective buyers a little nudge. Make them feel as if they’re getting the deal of a lifetime! Everyone loves a bargain. There are several ways you could use this psychological tendency to your advantage. • Offer an allowance for decorating, new appliances, or even landscaping. Look at the flaws of your home, and, instead of trying to correct them with more improvements, correct them with money. Buyers love being able to pick out all their own, new stuff. • Consider paying for a home warranty. They aren’t typically astronomically expensive — usually just a few hundred bucks — and they give a new homeowner the peace of mind to buy your used home. • Think about paying the closing costs. While this might seem a little unfair, if you can sell your house quickly, you’ll benefit tremendously. Remember, the longer your home marinates on the market, the less you’re going to make, anyway.


• Not checking comparable home sales in your area can result in a costly mistake when setting the price. • Check to see what opportunities are allowed under the “highest and best use” of your property. • Incorrect pricing can result in wasted time and selling your home for less than it’s worth. • Market conditions affect price. Know whether you’re in a


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