CHAPTER 22 Read This Before You Sign a Contract With a Buyer

Imagine taking your home off the market for 60 days while a prospective buyer tries to buy it. Then, 60 days later, the buyer finds out they can’t get a loan. You just wasted 60 days of marketing time! Now, imagine that during the 60 days, another buyer wanted to buy your home. But the buyer couldn’t purchase it. Why? Because you signed a contract with the first buyer. By the time you find out the first buyer could not obtain financing, the other buyer had already bought a house! Ouch! You just lost a sale! This is why it’s so important to make sure a buyer is able to obtain financing before you sign a contract. Fortunately, I can help prequalify any prospective buyers. I will tell you whether they’ll be able to obtain financing. It costs you nothing to have me prequalify them. I can help them get a loan with the most competitive interest rates available. You can rest easy, knowing they will be able to obtain financing. This is a free service. The buyer is under no obligation to use me to get a loan. I’ll help them select the best loan for their financial needs: Conventional — Refinancing your conventional mortgage can lead to a low fixed rate, or adjustable rates used for your primary home, secondary home, or investment property.


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