CHAPTER 23 Should You Consider Hiring a Real Estate Agent? I’m sure you’ve wondered why people even bother hiring a real estate agent. Well, here are a few reasons.

REASON #1: We can sell homes for more money.

In fact, most sellers net more money in their pocket, even after they pay the agent’s commission. The typical home sold by an agent sells for $230,000, while the typical For-Sale-by-Owner (FSBO) home sells for $184,000. That doesn’t mean every agent is going to sell your home for more. But the numbers do show agents typically sell homes for more money. In fact, many sellers actually make money hiring a real estate agent to sell their home. Here are a couple of real-life examples: • Brandon had his home on the market for $220,000. He wasn’t getting much activity. The buyers who did look at it were not serious. They showed little interest in buying the home and made lowball offers. He then listed his home with an agent for $240,000. Three weeks later, he received an offer from a buyer willing to pay full price. He ended up with more money in his pocket, even after paying the commission. • Jimmy and Kaye had their home on the market for


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