This isn’t to say that you can’t sell your home yourself. You probably can. But, unless you have sold a lot of homes yourself, then you probably aren’t set up as well as a professional real estate agent is. Doesn’t that just make sense? You likely hire professionals for many areas of your day-to-day living or business, so why not with home selling? Selling your home is a big deal and potentially worth a lot.

REASON #3: A good real estate agent can save 80-100 hours of your time.

That’s because we handle all the work for you. We are experts at financing, loan conditions, home inspections, surveys, title work, termite inspections, appraisals, negotiating, etc. Some people have estimated there are 189–213 different things an agent does to sell a home. That list is shorter or longer, depending on the property. But, I do know from personal experience that selling a home does take a lot of time.

REASON #4: We solve problems.

This is the most important thing an agent can do for you! After all, just because a buyer is interested in your house doesn’t mean they will actually be able to complete the purchase. Here’s a story that illustrates this perfectly. A seller put her home on the market. The perfect buyer came along and made a full-price offer for the home. The seller and the buyer signed a contract, and the buyer started working on financing. However, the buyer ran into a problem with the financing and canceled the contract. The seller told the story to an agent. It turns out that the problem the buyer had was completely solvable. However, the seller didn’t


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