Pam and Chris work as a team. They were recommended to me by my neighbor who had known them for several years. I found them to be friendly, knowledgeable and willing to tell me when my expectations were greater than the reality of the market. When my buyer ran into difficulties and we had to re-negotiate our closing terms with them, they made it all work for both me and the buyers. In addition, both Pam and Chris were willing to help me with so many things outside what was expected of a realtor, such as: picking me up when my car was in the shop; taking bags and boxes of donations to Goodwill for me; always offering to help me with anything I needed help with; and helping me endlessly with the job of moving like finding the junk hauler for me, loading my car with everything I was taking with me and the onerous job of making sure everything was out of my house and the house was ready for final inspection. I'm 82 years old and the move was difficult enough but would have been totally impossible without their help. Pam and Chris were both "hands on" realtors and went above and beyond what I expected from them. I would recommend them highly to anyone contemplating selling or buying a property.Pam and Chris work as a team. They were recommended to me

Seller #4

Our experiences with Pam and Chris have been handled both professionally and with care for our situation. Our condo sale hit a few snags including one closing cancelled when the buyer died a week before. Having to move to Portugal while our condo was on the market again was handled expertly by Pam. We feel that Pam is the perfect agent to handle both buying and selling (which we have done 4 times with her) and could not recommend her and Chris more highly. Thank you Pam and Chris for a job well done.


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