CHAPTER 5 What Stops Perfect Homes from Selling

Have you ever wondered why no one bought your house? I’ll explain the likely reasons in further detail as this book goes on. Have you ever heard the saying, “Build a better mousetrap, and the world will beat a path to your door?” Even though the saying might appear to be correct—at least on the surface—it’s false. More than 4,400 people have invented what they thought was a “better” mousetrap. At least, that’s how many patents have been filed with the U.S. Patent Office. But despite all the new mousetrap inventions, the classic mousetrap, first patented in 1894, is still the best-selling design. I’m sure each of those inventors is frustrated. “Why won’t anyone buy my mousetrap? It’s genius!” they say to themselves. I’m sure you can relate to their frustration. Have you ever thought the following? “Why won’t anyone buy my house? It’s a great house!” Fortunately, there’s an answer to this question. “One cannot throw a great product out on the street and expect people to gobble it up.” This rule applies to inventions, homes, and even movies. Yes, even great movies need to be sold! Here’s an example of a great movie that didn’t do well when it was first released. On September 23, 1994, the movie The Shawshank Redemption 15

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