mentioned details and a description of the house.

But the house was not the main selling point, so he shifted attention to the five-acre lot. In no time, his phone rang! A buyer was relocating. He had noticed the house was for sale, but it hadn’t caught his eye. That changed when he learned it was built on a five-acre lot. Suddenly, he was very interested. So interested, in fact, that he submitted an offer from 1,000 miles away. He had never even seen the property in person! He was afraid someone else would buy it before he could, and he would lose out on the perfect house. That sale happened in 45 days. The builder was amazed! His house had been on the market close to eight months without so much as a nibble. Suddenly it was sold—purchased, sight unseen, all because of the 80/20 rule. By shifting focus to the five acres, the real estate agent captured the interest of buyers immediately. The house was no longer unsellable. On the contrary, for a short time, it became the hottest house on the market. Don’t create an advertisement similar to the ones for every other house in the area. Instead, turn a spotlight on something different about your home. You will attract interested buyers—buyers who are willing to pay full price.


Find something unique about your home. Build advertisements around that one item. It will catch people’s attention. Buyers who are looking for that one item will ask to come see your home in person.


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