As a result, you’ll stop wasting time showing to people who just aren’t interested. Instead, you’ll show your home to buyers who are motivated to make a purchase. You won’t have to show quite so often. You also won’t have to sift through lowball offers from apathetic buyers. This means less stress for you. With that in mind, it’s essential that you take time to uncover your home’s most attractive and unique features. Compare notes with other houses in the neighborhood to see what makes yours stand out.


Each house will have its own unique features. You might already have some in mind. If not, these ideas should help to get you started: • Hilltop views are an excellent defining feature. As in an earlier example, a high vantage point offers a view of the surrounding area. • Maybe your home looks out onto an open field, frequented by wildlife. Many people would like that view. • Your house might even have an unobstructed view of the sunset. That would interest potential buyers. • Patios are another great feature. Maybe the rest of your neighbors don’t have patios, or their patios are smaller. That vital feature could help you sell your home. • Location is something else that can set your property apart from others (not your addressed location, but rather, your location compared to the surrounding homes, such as on a cul-de-sac).


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