Here is what we mean by location. A buyer once paid extra for a townhouse, simply because of its location within the complex. Most of the surrounding homes had no yards. However, a few shared a large half-acre “yard area.” One of the owners whose townhouse backed up to this yard area was able to sell his townhouse for a higher price. It set his property apart from others on the market. His home had a characteristic—the yard—shared by fewer than 10 percent of the others. He had the only available listing offering that feature. With this easy point of difference, the house sold for a higher price. Another townhouse seller in the same complex found a different unique feature. He didn’t have a yard, but he was still able to use his location to his advantage. His property backed up to a lake and fountain. That extra feature helped him sell his townhouse quickly and for a great price.

Here are more examples of unique features.

• You might have a private location. For instance, your lot might be partially concealed by trees, or you might have an empty lot next to you. Use this to market your property. • You might have a unique backyard. If you have a larger backyard than your neighbors do, use that to your advantage. • A shady backyard can also help you sell your property. Some people like the idea of lounging in the shade or enjoying the privacy. • A fenced-in backyard is also a big selling point. People with children and pets flock to homes with fenced-in 30

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