identical properties that sold for different prices.

The details show these two homes are identical in every substantial way:

• The lots the units sit on are identical, as far as the desirableness of the location. • Both units had the same kitchen plan, with the same cabinets and a tile floor. • Both units had nice hardwood floors in the living room and carpeted bedrooms. Every important detail of these two townhomes was identical. I studied every aspect of these sales to find what made the difference. There are two reasons one home sold for $40,000 more than the other: • Townhome A was professionally staged, giving it a more appealing appearance. • The agent selling Townhome A took higher quality, more attractive photos of the home. Those two seemingly small actions made the $40,000 difference! The buyers of Townhome A made a higher offer because the agent presented the home in a more appealing and attractive way. Even simple things can make a big impact on the final sale price of a home. Staging done well is one of those things!

You have two options for staging a home:

Option 1: Do it yourself. Learn how in the following chapter. Option 2: Hire a professional home stager. If you’re considering 42

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