the entire interior right now. If you have painted it, you still might want to repaint. When planning to repaint, include everything. Paint the ceilings. Paint the trim and window casings. Paint the doors. Don’t forget to paint inside the closets. Just make sure you paint the right way. An artist creates a new painting on a plain, primed canvas. Through your efforts with painting, you’re hand-delivering your potential buyers a clean, primed canvas, through which they can imagine their family in your home. Keeping all of this in mind, proceed with your home’s canvas using neutral colors. That doesn’t mean everything must be lifeless or stark white. That can have a negative effect as well. Rather, you want your colors to be unobtrusive. Stick with gray, beige, tan, off-white, and white. Even if you just painted the master bath turquoise and added cute polka dot trim—change it! Remember, a blank canvas opens the imagination to endless possibilities. (Polka dots do not.)


Focus on these high-impact areas.

Buyers are most turned off by dirty, grungy bathrooms and kitchens. These two rooms are considered modern selling points of the home — and they are also the rooms buyers expect to be spotless. That doesn’t mean you can create stunning bathrooms and kitchens, while leaving the rest of the home a mess, and still expect to sell your house for top dollar. Just be sure to address your bathroom and kitchen first, and give these areas the attention they


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