CHAPTER 13 Details Win Home Sales

According to the National Association of REALTORS®, a majority of recent home buyers would have preferred improved and greater closet space, as well as other storage opportunities. People have lots of stuff, and they need somewhere to hide it all.


You can never have enough storage!

Give buyers great storage, and you’ve won their hearts. If you can easily add new closets to your home, it’s a huge bonus for you on the selling front. Building a simple closet isn’t difficult if you are even moderately handy. If you’re selling an older home, where closet space is typically at a minimum, this will help! However, putting in new closets is not always possible. For instance, if your rooms are already small, you might not want to take any square footage away from them. You might not have the skills or the funds to hire someone to build new space. This is when we turn to closet organizers for help. For instance: • You can easily design your custom closet kit online with a storage solution company, such as Closet Maid. • Your standard superstore or hardware store often has exactly what you need in an inexpensive, prefabricated form. Organizers might not enlarge your closets, but 51

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