• If three-bedroom homes are the norm in your neighborhood, a fourth bedroom might give you a real advantage. • However, if buyers in your area are looking for one- or two-bedroom homes, an additional bedroom would be a waste of money. Do some homework. Find out configurations of rooms in nearby homes. Talk with a real estate agent about buyer preferences. They can help you determine whether you would benefit from a simple bedroom addition. Bottom line: If you need a significant boost to your home’s worth, adding another bedroom is one great way to do it. Mechanical maintenance is a must. It’s very easy to get wrapped up in the more eye-pleasing aspects of getting a home ready to sell. But never overlook the upkeep of all the mundane aspects of your home.

Take a closer look at these mechanical features:

• electrical boxes and wiring • natural gas lines • plumbing • central heating and air conditioning system

If these components of your home are old, outdated, or not working properly, you’ll be lowering your home’s price significantly. According to the National Association of REALTORS®, 65% of home buyers surveyed were very concerned about whether their new home had a working central air system. Of the 31 mechanical 53

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