features inquired about in the survey, this was the most important one. It’s true that people buying homes want to purchase something that reflects their aesthetic tastes and lifestyles. However, they also want a home that’s safe and sound. Faulty electrical systems don’t provide a feeling of safety. Leaky plumbing arouses concerns of mold infestation. These areas are no fun to fix, but they are extremely important. Overlook these areas in the preparation stage, and you run the risk of trouble later with inspections and appraisals. Buyers are attracted to a house with beautifully updated cosmetic details. They also want to know they are buying a safe, secure home for their family. Take care of the many mechanical features of your home, and you’ll profit from it. Obviously, professionals should do most of the mechanical work. Having a professional inspection is a big plus to most buyers, as well. • Have a certified plumber inspect your entire water system for leaks. Check the well and septic field, if applicable. • Hire an electrician to check your wiring. • Call your local HVAC company, and have their technicians perform a thorough service checkup. • Contact your natural gas supplier, and have them double check the mechanics of your tank and lines. There’s an alternative to calling and arranging all these different inspections. Certified home inspectors usually can cover all the different items related to mechanical issues, and more. They can identify possible trouble spots you need to address. Many buyers


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