CHAPTER 14 Important Features of a Home

Floors can be an important selling point for your home. Buyers will be sure to notice how worn they are and whether they need to be replaced.

Replacement can be expensive and difficult.

Installing new floor coverings of any kind, including carpeting, hardwood, or tile, can get pricey. Costs vary widely, based on the size of your rooms and the flooring material used. Fortunately, replacement isn’t your only option. Use these cleaning tips to avoid expensive flooring work. Carpeting: Carpets take a beating. General traffic, pets, children, muddy shoes, coffee, and wine all leave their calling cards on your carpeting. Unless you have been extremely fussy about your carpet, it shows signs of use. This job calls for more than a good vacuum. Shampoo: Often, you can rent or purchase a carpet shampooer inexpensively. If your carpet doesn’t have stains, spruce it up with a good washing. Move the furniture out of the rooms you need to shampoo. • Follow the shampooer’s instructions. • Go over the carpet thoroughly to remove all soap residue. • Keep all traffic off the carpet until it’s completely dry. You should see a significant difference in both the smell and look of your carpet. Buyers will notice the fresh, clean feeling, too.


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