outside. It happens to all of us.

You can rectify the situation quickly and effectively. First, address the front entryway, starting with the lock and knob of your front door. What do you see? • Is it a mousy little knob from decades past? • Is it dented or rusted? Does the key stick? Is it hard to open? • Could someone break in with a bobby pin and patience? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, you need to replace your door handle with a heavy-duty deadbolt and knob combination. Why? The door knob is the first point buyers touch on your home. A flimsy lock and handle on your front door tells potential home buyers your home isn’t secure. It makes them feel uncomfortable, and they won’t even know why. Get a big, sturdy set, and they’ll feel your home is as safe as can be. Now, take a good look at your door. Is it pleasing to look at? Or is it weathered and dinged up? Has your metal door never seen a coat of paint? Is the paint peeled and flaking? It’s time for a change. Here are two simple ways to put a new face on your house: • Add a dash of color. Choose paint that complements the color of your home. • Use faux painting techniques to transform your metal door into a wood grain look-alike. If your door is severely damaged, have it fixed or replaced entirely. As always, go with whichever costs less.

You’ve addressed the living area inside of your home. Your front


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