CHAPTER 15 Why Pictures of Your Home Can Stop It from Selling

Are you the victim of a common mistake that stops your home from selling? What else can you be doing to ensure your home will sell? Soon, you’ll discover the biggest mistake real estate agents make, a proven marketing secret, and how to “sweeten the deal” for buyers. These topics are crucial to selling your home, and quite honestly, most others are oblivious to these proven methods. A common mistake most agents make is not having professional pictures of the home! Most real estate agents don’t invest the time or energy to get decent pictures. They’ll show up with their point-and-shoot approach, take a few shots, and call it good. Good photographers know what to do to make their subject look its absolute best. Whether it’s a cute puppy, a newly married couple, or a home for sale, professional pictures are necessary.

You must view your house from a buyer’s perspective.

Even if you don’t hire a photographer, at least get someone to touch up the pictures and make them look their absolute best. Pictures sell your home. It’s the first thing buyers notice, and it’s what will keep them interested. Get professional pictures taken!


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