He started coaching the Green Bay Packers when they were consistently losing, one game after another. He turned the team around and won five NFL championships. Those unfamiliar with Lombardi’s coaching tactics might assume he was successful because he had complex strategies and completely unheard-of methods. Actually, the opposite is true. Lombardi believed for the Green Bay Packers to become a great team, they would have to go back to the basics and relearn even the simplest aspects of the game. In his first pre-season speech, he shocked every single one of his new players. He stood in front of them, held up something in his hand, and announced, “Gentlemen, this is a football.” He then proceeded to revisit all the basic rules of the game of football, what the different lines on the field were for, etc. Some might have thought he was going overboard. But his results proved them wrong. Lombardi led the Packers to five NFL championships, as well as two Super Bowl wins. His back-to-the- basics approach paid off, and the team got to enjoy its rewards. The same philosophy should be used to sell your home. You can bombard social media, list your home on every website imaginable, beg your friends to put up fliers on the notice board at work, and so on. But if you don’t start with the basics, everything else is just a waste of time. Time is valuable, so most people looking to buy a house won’t waste even a second on a listing that hasn’t mastered the basics. If they must ask questions such as, “Why are all the photos so dark?” or “Is it a house or a condo? I can’t tell!” — then they’ll just move on to the next listing. The first impression must be perfect.


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