CHAPTER 17 Why Every Billionaire Home Sells

First, the bad news. There’s a good chance the buyer of your home will be a great negotiator. If you don’t know anything about negotiating, you risk having them take advantage of you. Now for the good news. This book reveals how an average negotiator can avoid being taken advantage of by a better negotiator.

Two things determine who wins a negotiation:

• The motivation of the people negotiating. • The skill they have or don’t have negotiating.

Here’s a story that plays out every day, across America. There is a good chance this could happen to you. A seller has a home on the market. He’s an average negotiator—not great, not horrible.

Unfortunately, he is a motivated seller .

• He has had the home on the market for eight months. • He has already relocated to another city. • The home and upkeep have been stressing him out. • He is super busy at work and doesn’t have the emotional energy to deal with another problem. A buyer wants to buy his home. This is the perfect home for her. 73

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