She has been looking for a home just like this for a long time. Therefore, the buyer is highly motivated to buy this home. In fact, her husband is scared that if they negotiate too hard, they will lose this house! This buyer is an incredible negotiator. She’s cool and collected. First, she gathers all the facts. She finds out the home hasn’t been shown in two months. Then, she discovers the seller has already moved. She looks the seller up on Facebook and stumbles across a rather revealing Facebook post. The seller vented about real estate and how badly he wants to sell the house. Now, let’s ask ourselves a question. Who do you think is going to win this negotiation? Yep. The buyer. Both parties are motivated, but one did a better job at researching.. As a result, she wins! She buys the home for $43,000 less than the fair market value. Don’t let this happen to you! Let's take a closer look at negotiation. Take time to prepare, and you’ll be ready for whatever comes along!


• Negotiation outcomes are determined by the motivation and negotiating skills of the parties involved.


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