would’ve saved $500! Instead, he lost $500.

COMMON NEGOTIATING MISTAKE #5: Letting Your Ego Get Involved

What’s your final goal? You want to sell your property quickly for top dollar, right? Keep that goal in mind during the entire negotiation. I have seen people kill a potential top-dollar sale simply because they didn’t like the buyer. Or because the buyer started negotiations with a lowball offer, and the seller got offended. Most lowball offers can be negotiated to a higher price. Some buyers have a big ego and think they are great negotiators, when they aren’t. Their definition of a great negotiator? Someone who tells people off and walks around as though they own the world. They confuse rudeness for tough negotiating and throw around “take-it-or-leave-it” offers. I can tell you from personal experience that most buyers are willing to pay more than their so-called take-it-or-leave-it offer. Keep the negotiations going, even when you’re a little unhappy or angry with what they’re doing. I have seen home sellers tell off a buyer who said something rude. That buyer might have bought their house. Don’t get distracted by petty things. Getting top-dollar feels more satisfying than telling someone off!

COMMON NEGOTIATING MISTAKE #6: Failing to Take Time on the Counteroffer

Often, you’ll be pressured to reply right away to an offer. Buyers are impatient, and, if they really like your house, they will want an immediate answer. But do you know what else that means? They


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