known how to solve it, so the sale had fallen flat.

Unfortunately, the flipper had to put the home back on the market, and it took another five months to sell. The flipper had to pay an additional five months’ worth of mortgage payments, property taxes, and homeowner’s insurance premiums. In addition, she had to maintain the lawn, pay the electric bill, and take care of the property while it sat on the market. That’s a lot of money going into holding costs instead of into her pocket! You’ve probably spent many hours becoming skilled and developing specialized knowledge in your own profession. An outsider might look at what you do for a living and think it’s easy. But you know it’s not. The same goes for working as a real estate agent.

Reason #6: I’ll help you build your team.

This includes all the professionals I listed in the previous chapter, plus other specialists, such as electricians, HVAC companies, and more. Sometimes, because of my strong relationships, I can even pass on some special discounts to my clients. When you’re ready to have me do all the work required to sell or rent your property, please contact me. I’ll help you take the first crucial step: determining your property’s true value. With that number in hand, we’ll be ready to talk about listing and selling or renting your home, and you’ll be able to make well-informed decisions. If you’re already in the investment business, you’re probably fairly savvy about real estate in general. But regardless of whether you’re new to the game or have been in for a while, I can be part of your team, an expert advisor who can ultimately save you money, time, and hassle so you can focus on everything else.


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