Capri Monic Truvillion - Secrets Every Home Seller Needs To…


Understanding the 80/20 rule concept can save you time in selling your home. Applying the 80/20 rule, you stop trying to sell people on the entire home.

Applying the rule, you can highlight the 20%of your home’s features that make it special. The remaining 80% of your home still affects the buyer’s decision, so do not neglect it, but in photographs and showings, feature the elements that make your home special.

Your selling point won’t be the common features your home shares with the other properties on themarket. Instead, use your home’s unique features to grab the attentionof buyerswho are interested in those distinctive features. BUYER’S STORY When Vince and Sue were shopping for a new home, Vince wanted an ocean view. They looked at many desirable properties but didn’t find any that were right for them. Some were overpriced; others had obstructed views. The search went on for almost a year until they found an older home a short walk from the ocean. The neglected exterior and dated interior were not encouraging, but when Vince stepped out onto the third-floor balcony off the master suite, he was sold. Any shortcomings in wall color or fixtures faded away when he took in the view. He could now see the sunrise from his bedroom window every morning. What 20%of the home caught the eyes of Vince and Sue? The magnificent third-floor view of the ocean!


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