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Look around your yard and make a written list of everything that could be improved: • Shrubs trimmed, flower gardens tended, and walkways tidy; beds weeded • No trash, trash cans, lawn clippings, branches, or general mess in the yard • All outside fixtures and components working and in good repair (door and yard lights, garage door, porch rails); functioning properly and looking their best • Outdoor features such as patio furniture or the deck updated with staining or painting Make all major and minor improvements to update the exterior of your property. There might be a long list of things to do. It takes hard work to get a home ready to sell. Anyone can put a house on the market, but not everyone sells quickly or with great profits. Then, await the prospective buyers who will be drawn to the inside of your home when they see how beautiful it is from your curb! CREATING A GRAND ENTRANCE As I mentioned earlier, an important part of curb appeal is the home’s “grand entrance” — the portal to even the most modest house. You want to create a sense in the buyer of a great place to come home to. Impressing the home shopper at the front door is a vital part of the home sale. This means more than putting out a welcome mat and potted plants. You want prospective buyers to feel welcome, safe, and secure when they open the door. It might be arranged that the prospective buyer be the one to open the front door to enhance the feeling of a “coming- home” experience. The doorknob is the first point-of-touch on a home. Security is important to homebuyers. A flimsy lock or handle on the front door will make potential homebuyers uncomfortable and they may not even know why. Replace a worn or loose entry handset. Consider replacing the


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