Capri Monic Truvillion - Secrets Every Home Seller Needs To…

• Your standard superstore or hardware store often has exactly what you need in an inexpensive, prefabricated form. • Organizers won’t enlarge your closets, but maximizing vertical and horizontal space is a suitable alternative. And don’t stop there—after all, storage isn’t restricted to closets. Storage improvement opportunities apply to all cabinets, clothes closets, linen closets, and attic and basement spaces. Make sure you organize your cabinets. The same retailers that provide closet organizers can help with this. Take a good look at your laundry room and linen closet. Adding extra shelving in these places can make a big impact. Look for any place you can provide attractive and inexpensive storage space. Make sure your improvements are tasteful, and you will benefit from increased storage solutions. Updating your home with ROI in mind is the best approach in the decision-making process when preparing your home ready to sell. Look over this recent list of what buyers want in a home. Compare it to what you have in yours, and upgrade accordingly without surpassing the price line for comparable homes in your area. FEATURES MOST HOMEBUYERS WANT • Energy Star-rated appliances — 94% • Laundry room — 93% • Energy Star rating for the whole home — 91% • Exhaust fan in bathroom — 90% • Exterior lighting — 90% • Bathroom linen closet — 90% • Energy Star-rated windows — 89% • Ceiling fans — 88% • Garage storage — 86% • Table space for eating in kitchen — 85% • Walk-in kitchen pantry — 85%


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