Capri Monic Truvillion - Secrets Every Home Seller Needs To…

for sellers. Maintaining a home in showing condition for months on end can physically wear someone down. For some sellers, finding the right buyer can be mentally and emotionally straining. Knowledgeable buyers will push to the limit to get the price they want. WHEN THE COMPETITIVE PRESSURE IS ON When facing an informed buyer, remember that the party with the most options will win the negotiation. The buyer may have researched your home’s history on the market. If you have relocated, he may assume that you’re desperate to sell and will take his offer. On the flip side, if he thought you had three other buyers waving higher offers, he would have to raise his price or walk away. Sharpen your senses to know when a buyer does not have other property options. Perceptions have a profound influence in negotiations. If an interested buyer believes you have rejected offers that were higher than his, you have the upper hand to pressure him to offer more. On that flip side, the buyer may inform you that he is interested in other homes, pressuring you to accept his price. The key to being a power negotiator is to stay calm and focused during the process to avoid costly mistakes. Knowing your buyer’s motivation without exposing yours will give you the edge. LET TIME BE ON YOUR SIDE Time pressure is inescapable in the world of sales. It is evident during antique auctions, construction job bids, and car sales. Time is a powerful negotiation tool. Real estate agents advise buyers that a seller under pressure to sell will provide the best bargain. For this reason, smart home shoppers will obtain as much information about the seller as they can get. For example, if a buyer knows a seller is in foreclosure and must sell before losing the property, the buyer has the upper hand. He knows the seller is under a time constraint and will use that, making low-ball offers or perhaps appearing indecisive or by not promptly returning calls and messages.


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