breathe and take your time going through them, especially if you have received more than one or two. Compare each offer and remove them from the pile if you don’t care for their terms or if their asking price is unacceptable. Remember, you are the boss in this situation, and you have total control over who you turn down and how. Always take the time to clear your head, and get every offer in a written, documented form.

Preparing for, and Surviving, the Negotiation Process

There is absolutely no shame in going with a slow and steady approach when it comes to the negotiation process. After all, this is the biggest step when selling your home, so you absolutely must be sure that you are doing everything right. Don’t be afraid to ask the buyer all the tough questions that pop into your head, stand your ground when it comes to your appraisal and asking price, don’t let buyers negotiate you to the point of pulling your hair out and caving, and always keep everything in written form and document it all. You are the boss when it comes to negotiations over your home. If a buyer tries to guilt trip you into lowering your asking price too far because of their financial problems, stand your ground and keep your head level as much as possible. If you find that you are struggling to the point of being stressed out, or are backed into a corner by a buyer, there is no shame in telling them to hit the road, or asking for help from a real estate agent. They can give you advice on what to do, and can even take over the negotiation process for you completely if it comes to that. Standing your ground is the most important part, and sometimes, bringing in help from a second party will be necessary.


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