the buyer and seller, so if you can negotiate for a higher selling price in return for paying some of the closing costs, it can go a long way toward helping the sale, as the buyer will not have to bring as much to the table.

Cosmetic Fix-Ups = $ __________________

Most houses need some kind of cosmetic improvements, whether that means new carpet, fresh paint, or yard work. If you want to sell your house for top dollar, your house needs to be in excellent, move-in-ready condition. When buyers view your property, they will always be mentally assessing what they will need to change or update—and how much it’s going to cost them to do it. If they choose to put in an offer, they take these changes into consideration, which may lower the purchase price they are willing to propose. Properties that are in move-in-ready condition generally sell faster and for a higher price than properties that have not made any renovations or changes. In today’s market, a FOR SALE sign is simply not enough to sell your house. If your house needs more than just paint, carpet, or yard work, you may need to consider selling it as a fixer-upper or adjusting the price to include the cost of any more involved renovations needed. Remember: this can limit your potential buyers, but if you invest in those minor cosmetic changes, you will definitely see a faster selling time and a higher purchase price.


Selling a house without a real estate agent can save you thousands of dollars in sales fees; that much is true. However, the savings might not be as dramatic as you would expect. The fee charged by an agent usually covers many of the costs associated with selling a house, rolling those other fees into the agent’s commission. Furthermore, the time involved in selling a house is transferred to


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