AFY Kim Blue - Home Buyers Guide V1 - 3020

local government. Inspections are conducted to ensure the basic construction, wiring, plumbing, and other elements of the building are up to code, and can be certified as being safe for occupation. Such document is needed to move into a house. If your home-buying team is competent enough, you won’t be seeing those documents for the first time at the closing. Don’t sign anything that’s unclear to you, different from what you agreed to, or seems wrong. Make sure that you understand what you’re signing and how your payments will be distributed over the time. Charges change differently depending on the mortgage type, and may also depend on your insurance or taxes.


Take the keys and start moving into your new house. Now you’re a legitimate owner and a responsible person for a mortgage loan. Nothing can be compared to buying your first home. When you finally get through with it, you’ll be able to relax and enjoy your new property. Don’t worry — most of the time, you’ll reach the finish line with a smile on your face and a beautiful new home to call your own. So, get out there and start searching for the perfect home for you and your loving family. After all, we all know that there is no place like that you can call home. Hopefully, these basic steps will help the first-time home buyers handle this incredible process with less stress and more energy.


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