AFY Kim Blue - Home Buyers Guide V1 - 3020

consumed by moving day. • Make sure all your items for donation/giving away are picked up or delivered to their new owners. • Check if all utilities are already working properly in your new home. • Prepare several pieces of post-it notes with your new address and your contact numbers to be given to your movers, or to your entourage on moving day.


• Pack away your beddings and disassemble all the beds in your home. • Have a last-minute meeting with your movers, if hiring one, and make sure they know how you want things to be done. Inform them of the box labels, where each box must go, and how they should be loaded. Make sure all your items are loaded and nothing gets left behind. • Distribute your post-it notes with your contact numbers and the new address to every driver in the moving group. • Double-check every room in the house before leaving, making sure nothing is left. • Turn off all light switches, and lock all windows and doors. • Make sure you arrive at your new home before the movers/entourage. • Inspect your new home, making sure all utilities are in working condition. • Clean up your new home while it’s still empty. Open windows and cabinet doors to let in fresh air. • Direct your movers with unloading your boxes; show them where each box must go. • Finally, unpack what you need for the rest of the day and 95

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