If the cons outweigh the pros in your situation, let me ease your mind. You don’t have to go through those negatives, because there are many negotiating approaches you can take.

NEGOTIATION TECHNIQUE #2: Reject an Offer, but Throw the Bidder a Bone

Let’s just say a buyer comes around, loves your property, and makes an offer. You’re happy they want the home, but you’re less than thrilled with their bid. You wonder whether you should get the deal over with and take what you can get, or hold out for a better offer. Go ahead and reject their offer. That’s right. Take a step most folks have a hard time taking and simply say that one dreaded word, “No.” Saying “no” can sometimes take you exactly where you want to go. Just don’t stop there. Reject their offer, but invite them to resubmit a higher bid. That takes some of the pressure off you. A deal like this can go several ways. The potential buyers usually won’t expect you to take their first bid, and they might be throwing out a lowball offer just to see how far down you’re willing to go. You can send your own little message by rejecting that less-than- desirable offer, but keeping them in the loop. They’ll realize they ventured far too low. If they sincerely want your property, and not just a bargain, they will probably come back with a much higher bid. In the event the bidders really do want your property out of all the properties available, this procedure can work well.

However, you’re likely to lose the deal if this is just a person


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