NEGOTIATION TECHNIQUE #5: Pay the Piper, but Raise the Price

Buyers are more often asking sellers to pay their closing costs, which are normally around 3% of the actual price of the home. I know it makes you shudder to even think of handing out that kind of cash. However, this kind of deal could work to your benefit.

>The Buyer’s Perspective

Let’s look at this from a buyer’s perspective for a moment. Many home buyers just can’t afford to come up with those kinds of additional costs. Often, they are strapped for cash after coming up with the down payment for your home, money for new appliances, moving expenses, and décor needs.

>Your Perspective

On the other hand, it isn’t fair for you to come up with that much cash just so they can buy a home. After all, they not only want you to pay the closing costs, but also come down on your original price. You should pay those closing costs. Wait! Before you decide I’ve lost my marbles and toss this book out the nearest window, allow me to show you how paying those costs will work for you in the long run. You should pay the closing costs, but you should also increase the price the buyers pay for your home by the same amount. If the only thing preventing you from selling your home is the 103

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