If you’re desperate for the money, another option is to rent the house, while keeping it listed for sale. After facing the painful decision of leaving your home, it’s now time to find the most suited option to close your debt. But before you take this absolute last resort, try hiring a different but professional, high-performing real estate agent and list your house again. There are great agents who specialize in helping owners in your situation. Millions of people all over the country are in the same situation; you’re not alone. Don’t lose hope, and try to find the best way out in these difficult times. Don’t forget to take advantage of the tax benefits offered by homeownership status. An effective Realtor® can provide you with more information on this. For example, if you are a couple, you’re allowed to exclude as much as $500,000 out of profit from capital gain taxes, as long as you have lived in that house for at least two out of the five years leading up to the sale. In other cases, provided there’s no immediate need to move, the best option is to stay and wait for better days. This way, you save money that would otherwise be wasted on rent, as well as the amount of money needed for hiring moving companies and/or making repairs. OTHER OPTIONS IF YOU CAN PUT IN SOME EXTRA EFFORT

Here are some options you can try before you give up on selling.


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