Reviews Here is what some of the clients that Nelson has worked with recently are saying: “With Nelson’s help the house sold in 25 days and for more money than we had listed before. Working with Nelson was very easy and we totally trusted that he would do a great job, and he did! Nelson is very professional, prompt, and highly knowledgeable. I would highly recommend him to anybody that had an expired listing”. - Shaw W “Our house was in the market for about a year and it didn’t sell. We found Nelson through a common friend referral and couldn’t be more happy. With his advice and help we were able to sell the house in less than a month and for more than what we had it listed before. Thank you for all your help”. - John and Linda G “We had a lot of realtors contacting us after our house listing expired. When Nelson contact us, he was extremely professional and was not pushy as some realtors were. Talking to him we saw that he had a genuine interest in helping us, gave us great advice, and we felt that we could trust him to sell our home. We followed his advices and once we re-listed the house it sold with multiple offers. Thank you for a great job!” - Mark and Diane J “Nelson did a great job in selling my house that was in the market for a while and it didn’t sell before. I appreciate all of the tips on preparing the house for sale. I didn’t realize a difference that makes. I highly recommend Nelson if you’re planning to sell your house.” - Chris P "Nelson is outstanding! My wife and I were unable to sell our home with a previous agent so we decided to lease it for a year.

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