CHAPTER 8 Real Estate Horror Stories

Life is stranger than fiction, even in real estate. Thanks to the Internet, there are thousands of stories out there detailing anything and everything that can go wrong with a real estate deal. Some things are scarier than a listing expiring. Maybe an agent takes a bunch of lousy pictures or takes two or three days to return calls. Other times, mistakes are made that cost new owners thousands of dollars. Still other times, the stories can get downright weird and scary. Just imagine finding out the home has an infestation, or was the scene of a crime, and your agent didn’t mention it. Or maybe your agent screwed up with an appointment, and suddenly buyers are checking out your home while you’re in the shower. If you’re a seller who’s wondering what kind of problems to look for when hiring an agent and listing and selling your home, here’s a handful of stories to show just what could go wrong if you’re not on top of things.


A couple was trying to unload a vacant rental house in Reno, NV. The home was on the market for four months with a number of showings, but no one was biting. Finally, after realizing the home was going to foreclose if something wasn’t done quickly, the owners made the drive to Reno to see what was going on. What they saw was more than a little surprising. On one of the main walls in the house was a giant, 12-foot-long painting of the devil—something that would certainly turn away prospective 35

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