knows what they’re doing, has a good reputation, and has a friendly demeanor, but there’s more to it. For instance, you can’t just pick an agent based on a high quoted price and low commission rate. Review every agent to find the most professional one based on their backgrounds and history, so you can limit any challenges or problems when dealing with them in the future. • Honesty is an important quality of a real estate agent. An honest REALTOR® would be willing to share some of their good and bad experiences. • Professionalism is another trait to look for. A professional real estate agent takes care of their image (both in presentation and reputation) and prioritizes and respects others’ time. A professional agent should also be very organized, personal, and responsive and provide any needed updates. • Real estate agents should possess strong communication and negotiation skills. They represent you, the seller, and must keep your best interests in mind, and need to be able to communicate the right information and negotiate a deal. • Creative marketing is key for a successful Realtor®. How can you sell a home unless it’s marketed effectively? A great real estate agent must sell a home using a unique perspective that’s different from others, and must be able to use creativity in finding alternatives when facing any difficulties. • Housing market knowledge is also important. They should be able to provide relevant marketing strategies. The best agents can help you determine the highest possible price for your home while considering current market 41

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