The most recent changes in the housing market is that, essentially, in layman’s terms, it’s easier to buy, but harder to sell. This means that if your home languished on the market for so long that it expired, you’ll need to consider what you need to do to change that. Part of that involves determining the potential factors involved, and part of that involves using strategies to help you sell your home faster, and at a great price. One housing market change is in the seller’s favor: the “digital shift.” Gone are the days when real estate experts were exclusively in charge of real estate-related information related, and they held it very secretly so that potential sellers and buyers had to consult them for this “secret” information. But the Internet has changed everything. How? For one, it has streamlined the entire home-selling and home-buying process, using just a few clicks of the button. Consider the following: • Nine out of 10 home buyers depend on the Internet as their first and primary source for home research; of these, 98.9 percent still employ the services of real estate agents. • 52 percent of prospective buyers use the web as their main step when searching for homes (instead of newspaper classifieds, magazines, or directly seeking an agent). • 20 percent of searches related to real estate are done via mobile devices. • On average, 11 searches are performed online before home buyers decide on further action. Use the power of the Internet as part of your strategy to sell your home faster and for more, instead of letting in languish on the market and then expire.


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