to make sure it doesn’t have any double tap wires on a circuit breaker, or the wires coming to a circuit braker are of the correct capacity; • Call your local HVAC company, and have their technicians perform a thorough service checkup, make sure your furnace and A/C unit has not been recalled and is in working condition; • Contact your natural gas supplier and have them double check that everything is in order and your connections are in good shape; Feeling overwhelmed with hiring different individuals for all these inspections? Fortunately, there’s an alternative. Certified home inspectors can usually cover all mechanical issues and more. They’ll be able to identify possible trouble spots you need to address. Your agent will be able to referred you to a qualified home inspector to do a pre-inspection. And in addition, if there are any problems, your agent also are going to be able to refer you to the needed professional to correct the issue. Having antiquated wiring and plumbing replaced is not cheap. If you do have mechanical issues, and decide to sell your home as is, it might be necessary to drop your selling price. Turning to a real estate agent for a professional opinion can help. Just like the extra bedroom step, it pays to know what competition you’re facing. You can also choose to wait, and negotiate with certain buyers—for example, you might get lucky, and find some interested in remodeling and renovating, or some with certifications in the necessary areas, etc. In these cases, you can get away with lowering your price. Regardless, if you’re unable to update and repair, be honest, upfront, and flexible. A truly interested buyer will always work 77

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