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There are plenty of options on how to get this done. You can do it all yourself, or choose a professional stager or a full staging company, as many are available in most cities. Consider even a property stylist, since it will make your house stand out that much more.

WHAT IS “HOME STAGING?” Home staging is preparing, dressing up, and presenting the for-sale house to appear especially attractive and extremely welcoming to any prospective buyer you might have. To avoid investing in new furniture (some do, or rent exquisite furniture) and avoid spending thousands of dollars (some do) on this project right off the bat, your or your professional home stager’s first step is to do as much as possible with everything you already have in your house. At base, home staging is about creating more space by clearing clutter, unnecessary objects, or furniture, giving the rooms a fresh, neutral color, and making any repairs you deem important. Replacing carpets and floors is another common occurrence. The priciest items will probably come with making updates and repairs inside and outside your house. The least costly bits are maximizing your space by moving objects around and cleaning/clearing your house out. Rearranging existing furniture, cleaning the inside and outside of the


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