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To ensure your lawn looks more than acceptable, go over it with the lawnmower, add grass seed and fertilizer, then give it a good drink of water. If you have a pool or a hot tub, ensure the cover is off and the water is sparkling clean. It also doesn’t hurt to add a few last-minute flowers if you don’t have any. Don’t go overboard, and clutter the yard with them, as it will end up looking messy rather than pretty and elegant. Patio furniture also helps to make your backyard feel more welcoming and will help the buyer envision themselves sitting outside with friends or family on a hot day, having cold drinks, and enjoying a conversation. You’ll want your backyard appeal to give the buyer a vision that speaks positive volumes. You’ll want prospective buyers to see themselves in the backyard every summer enjoying the weather and all that life has to offer — so ensure your backyard — not just your curb — is in top condition. YOUR DRIVE-BY APPEAL Potential buyers will quickly drive by your home or park out front and see it for the first time. To ensure your home has a good drive-by appeal, keep your windows and front door in top condition. You’ll also need to touch up your garage. The home’s exterior will need to be neatened up, like painting the door. When taking a quick drive-by to check out a home, minor details of the house itself stick out a lot more than you’d think. If your home is currently on the market, ensure the exterior has fresh paint, the lawn is well manicured without looking too highmaintenance, your windows are washed, and that you don’t have any dead flowers in your garden. This is also a good time to trim or prune your trees. THE ROOF IS JUST AS IMPORTANT

When it comes to your roof, don’t get up on a ladder and inspect it yourself (unless you’re trained in this area), because you’re probably going to miss something. Bring


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