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Pools need to have a chemical level that’s fully balanced during the fall, with any debris cleaned out weekly. Don’t overlook raking leaves. In addition to the curb appeal issue, should the leaves get wet, a pedestrian could slip and injure themselves on your property. It could very well be a buyer. Therefore, rake up the leaves and avoid this catastrophe. USING CURB APPEAL TO SELL YOUR HOME FOR MORE When it comes time to sell your home, don’t skimp on the smaller details when you can use curb appeal to your advantage and get more out of the closing price. By having your home in its most pristine condition, inside and out, you’ll be closing the deal and raking in the cash in no time. Image is literally everything and the exterior of the home matters just as much as the interior. Curb appeal will do wonders for your selling price, and will ensure your home does not stay on the market for long. • • •


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