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Bare rooms simply are not inviting, as they seem unfinished. Also, the natural feel of empty rooms can create an “echo chamber” effect that might be unappealing to people, barring the musically oriented home buyer. EMPHASIZE FOCAL POINTS AND MINIMIZE DISTRACTIONS It’s not unusual for expertly staged homes to emphasize a home’s natural amenities. By staging a home with some of the activities that the home can feature, you can entice home buyers. For example, a nice view of the sunrise can have reclining patio chairs and a breakfast table. A nice fireplace should be completed with pokers and a footstool. On the other hand, avoid having distractions and clashes. A beach scene for the master bedroom, with sand and beach balls, for a home in Alaska, can be disconcerting; the same goes for a NYC sports team- themed den in a Chicago metropolitan condo. COLOR Color plays a crucial role in the neutralization process. The point is that the colors you choose for the interior of your home should appeal to as many potential home buyers as possible. Here are a few points to consider when coloring your home for sale: • Remove wallpaper. It can be a rigorous process to remove wall coverings, and this could turn off home buyers if it’s not neutral. Further, wallpaper is often considered outdated. • Avoid bright colors. Brighter colors

are “an acquired taste” and will remind home buyers of the work they might have to do to change the walls’ colors to match their preferences before finally settling into the home.


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