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However, don’t overdo this area by placingmore chairs than necessary. You don’t want to overcrowd your kitchen; keep it simple and neat. Next, remove all the unnecessary items fromyour countertops, including knife holders, emptywine bottles, hanging towels, and extra appliances. A rule of thumb is to place nomore than two appliances on the countertop at one time. Make room for others in the cabinets and properly store them. Once the space has been cleared of all the clutter, place a few decorative items to give it a nice look. Finally, wipe the tiles clean, make sure the lighting is adequate and all bulbs are working. Then, apply a coat of paint. THINGS TO ADD Your kitchenmight already have all the necessary decorative items; however, in home staging it’s important to buy a few extra things for an even fresher look. Some people find it useful to have awall clock in the kitchen. Similarly, wall hangings and paintings that gowell with everything else in the kitchen look appealing. A few of the other items you can add include: • Flowers: Fresh or even fake flowers or plants can lift a mood and make a room look more inviting. If you’re creative, you could come up with ideas to use flowers in your kitchen without having to spend a dime. In any event, simply use a vase or a glass bottle for fresh flowers to add color to your kitchen. • Placemats and Wine Glasses: Setting your table before any type of viewing and showing adds a great touch. Place a full wine bottle in the middle when somebody (a prospective buyer) is coming over to view your home. • A Fruit Basket: Another thing that will add color and flare to your kitchen is a fruit basket or tray with fresh fruits in it. Wash and wipe clean apples before placing themin the basket. Grapes andpomegranates can be placed separately for a more exotic look.


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