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cabinets and drawers.This step is particularly important if your kitchen is old and youhaven’t upgraded the hardware. Check out simple brushed silver knobs if you’re not looking for something expensive or decorative. The nickel ones are also trendy. • Countertops: If you think your countertops need an upgrade, the laminate ones available on the market could be perfect. When granite counters aren’t an option because of their high cost, an affordable alternative that will look almost as nice is laminate. • Under-Cabinet Lighting: This is one upgrade that’s going to give you a huge competitive edge over other homes for sale in your area. There’s a great variety of such lights available on themarket and you can easily install them. Rope and tape lights are meant for lighting up the countertops and they can go an entire length depending on the width of your cabinets. Similarly, there are puck lights that offer a single point of illuminationwherever you need one. If youwant to light up a bigger area, use lighting bars instead of puck lights. All these can be found at reasonable rates, and are worth investing in for added sale value. • Lighting Fixtures: In addition to ensuring your kitchen lights up sufficientlywith the existing lighting, it’s also a good idea to replace the old fixtures to give amodern look to your kitchen.There arewonderful options available nowadays. Special lighting fixtures are available for the kitchen in some areas where more light is needed, such as the countertops and stove. • Organization: DIY shelves, hangers, and plastic storage boxes are a great way to organize everything in the refrigerator. They’re also attractive and useful holders for cutlery available. Stackable shelves come in handy, especially when you don’t have a lot of space for storage. Renovating your kitchen, and giving it amore refreshed look, doesn’t need to be expensive. Jot down some areas that need a lift, and then spend some money fromyour staging to transformyour kitchen into something really innovative and appealing.


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