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• Accessorize for a better look. Once your bathroom is free of clutter and your personal hygiene products, enhance the whole look with a few well-chosen accessories. Use items such as scented candles in varying heights, fragrant soaps, bath oils, natural loofahs, a basket of tightly rolled washcloths, or even a good book. Choose accessories in soft colors and keep things simple, so it doesn’t create a cluttered look. Candles create a layer of warmth, elegance, luxury, and tranquility. If you’ve got the space, you can go one step further by putting in a stool or ottoman beside the bathtub. This is both functional and stylish, and will give your bathroom the ultimate private suite look. • Add fresh flowers. Flowers and plants add a nice touch to any room and the same goes for bathrooms. Add color and texture to your bathrooms with your favorite flowers. It doesn’t have to be a bouquet, especially if the bathroom is small. A single stem or a small planter will enliven the bathroom. • Upgrade where necessary. Although you don’t need to spend a lot of money to stage your bathroom, there might be things that you might consider replacing. Small, inexpensive upgrades can have a big impact on the total look of your bathroom— repainting your walls, for instance. You can only pull off the “spa look” if the walls look good. If your bathroom is wallpapered, it’s likely that the wallpaper is peeling — so remove it, and paint instead. Even if your walls are painted, you may want to consider repainting them to give a fresh new look. If you’re going to paint or repaint, it’s wise choice to stick with neutral colors. They’re more likely to appeal to more prospective buyers. Apart from painting, other bathroom upgrades that you can do without spending a fortune are replacing leaking and worn taps, installing new light fittings, and updating the cabinets. If your toilet is broken, badly stained, or outdated, you should consider replacing it. Buy a new shower curtain and tie it back with ribbons, or replace a shower screen that’s badly stained or cracked.


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