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AIM FOR UPSCALE You should aim for an “upscale feel” of your master bedroom staging. Cheap items reflect poorly on the seller’s personality and might be cause for lower offers when it comes time to close a deal. While it’s the most seldom-seen part of a home, the master bedroom should reflect an elegance that their friends and family would be impressed with. You should look at your master bedroom objectively, and replace items that are substandard. Adding a few pieces of tasteful art on the wall should show that the buyer can create a luxury atmosphere in their master bedroom-to-be. Avoid projecting the eccentric parts of your home design. A bedroom dedicated to a sports teammay seem tainted to home buyers, especially if the home buyers are moving from out-of-state. GENDER NEUTRALITY The color scheme and decorations for the master bedroom should be ultimately gender-neutral. It can be off-putting to potential couples looking for a home to emphasize the dominance of a gender over another and it subconsciously creates a negative impression for home buyers. Remember, your goal is to appeal to as many home buyers as possible, so leaning one way or the other based on gender can rub someone’s bias the wrong way. Having teddy bears and other stuffed animals would create the same impression as sports items, so remove these decorations and designs of this nature in favor of more neutral items. WINDOWS AND LIGHTING Pay close attention to how your windows affect the visual ambiance of the master bedroom. Sources of natural light are desirable and visually appealing, so use the features of the bedroom (like a skylight) for emphasis. Drapes should match your carpeting/bedding, and they also should be open. Don’t block out natural sunlight; instead, take advantage of it.


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